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  1. Wayne,
    Really nice to read your wordpress weblog. I was a student at NATTC Millington in 1980 and went on to do some Avionics work with radars when I got stationed at MCAS El Toro for most of my Marine Corps years. The Air Station has since been overtaken by the money-ruled Irvine, CA community.
    I ended up getting out, moving back to Seattle, getting married and joining the Army as a Watercraft Technician in 1987. We spent 5 years with me sailing Army Watercraft out of Pearl Harbor before we moved to West, “By God” Virginia. I spent 10 years in the Army Reserves as Wire Systems Installer and now I finally found a job I really like as a Freight Inspector for FedEx.
    Your ongoing history of occupations and experiences inspires me take a deeper look at mine. I am a long-standing musical buff, with over 3000 albums, and have a broad interest including classic rock, early folk scene and reggae from the Bob Marley era. I never could play an instrument, although I have an upright grand piano and a nice guitar.
    While in California I met a woman born and raised in Anaheim and we have settled out here in Martinsburg, WV, in a 100 year old farm house. Life is always a bit out of kilter for us with my 3rd shift hours at the freight terminal but we truly enjoy gardening, astronomy and our favorite past time of ornithology.
    Drop me a note if you have the chance.
    Jim Rupert

    • Hi, Jim. Nice to hear from you. NATTC was an interesting place, wasn’t it? I taught there until 1985, while you were haze grey and under way. I’m glad to hear you found a good job, though that 3rd shift tends to make one crazy most of the time. Your home sounds like a wonderful place– almost magical to someone like me, who lives in a tract house in 120° summer heat on the high desert. It’s taken me a while to get back to you because I’m busy as a cat kicking sand, with my day job, DesertSong and 3 grandsons, but we should stay in touch.

  2. I made it to this point. Soooooooogood talking to ya! hear mine whilst I attempt to talk to thine.

  3. It was the 13th day of my 5th life that I realized the destiny and gravity of my inner giraffe self worth. It was a balmy day with lots of strange nuisances, striped with an electric green and orange Popsicle sky with a feathered Phoenix like sun, scorching through trailing gauze clouds that reached down to the planet with wide open arms of gratitude and forgiveness for all of the inhabitants (saintly and disdainful), as well as the innocent and clueless creatures and amoeba that wandered upon it. I tried to focus my unwritten, unexplored,and uncharted path with the idea that “only some things happen for a reason and the rest is left to coincidence, chance and circumstance
    With nothing on my person save for my head adorned with a bandanna loin cloth on my head, a Gibson hard shell case containing ball point pens, writing pads, celery sticks, cigarette lighters and a half gal. of the purest of the tainted water I could find. I strode forth in search of inspiration of the abstract, difference and possibilities of of other like minded beings. If need be and the opportunity arose, I figured I might be afford the luxury f trading some of my goods for knowledge and/or insight to my future adventures. If these amenities were not obtainable I would try to sell at a penance for coin for which I could use to purchase more supplies for my voyage, such as pen, paper., semi-pure water or special amenities like sustenance and oxygen .
    Well it is about the 26th hour of the 4th day(days are growing longer and more intense) and I spoke to mt giraffe self. questioning the logic of my journey. “What do you seek?”, “What have you discovered?”, “To what lengths will you travel ?”, “Why is it that things are so surreal, trippy and dream like?”, More importantly, “Why do you carry your entire collection of belongings and personal effects in a guitar case wearing naught but a loin cloth on your head?”
    Yes, things got a little cellophane and aluminum foiled as he blatantly retorted “”the days appear longer, yet life seems to shorten with each step forward, to which all of these Q’s and A’s vexes and peddles puddles in my mind space. My spotted, long necked beast shook his head with it’s knobby mushroom antlers, soulful eyes, and perpetual silly grin and spoke none verbal, saying, “Why ask why?,Just let life roll out it’s carpet” try to quiet the stress, enjoy the stroll, let answers ask the questions. BE HERE NOW!
    Sarky, cheeky , wonderfully gentle. strangely awkward organism he is. ” Beauty is in the eye of the believer he continued and one mans treasure is another mans puzzle. Yes I am perplexed with this, and yet excited to and looking forward to reading, writing and experiencing the following chapters.

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