14-5-210-405 -118 by WayneSL

14-5-210-118by WayneSL (2015)

WayneSL 1988

Leaning forward Skijump Stance

jawset faces cutting wind

chromeplate eyes scan grey-brown haze.

Out of the mountains we ooze

in a rolling rush downhill

to coalesce in painted metal rivers

spreading on the shrouded valley floor.

Roaring rapids, chrome and glass

spray and steam and smoke.

Eddies swirl at on-and-off ramps

Rubber ripples shining wet

reflect the sun’s weak penetration

of the brown-cloud glare.

A barracuda’s darting dance

flaunting lane-change pirouettes

taunts the surly diesel rhinos

flouts majestic ocean liners,

manic minnows fawning in their wakes.

An open lane, a gush of gas

A carom off a gravel truck

slomo flight, wheels spinning airborne

graceful leap across the chainlink

a somersault & a half twist

Flying in formation

with a dozen spinning shards of shattered plastic

and windshield glass spraying like rock salt soaked in red.

The river curdles, standstill spreading from the snag

up and down the grid the grinding jam congeals.

Engines whirring idle, gnashing teeth, hot tar and radios.

The smoke begins to rise

and reeks of hair and gasoline and rubber soot

and I’ll be late again and likely lose my parking spot.


[findthebest id=”5P6urAqrKyF” title=”Traffic Deaths by State” width=”600″ height=”400″ url=”//www.findthebest.com/w/5P6urAqrKyF” link=”http://vehicle-fatalities.findthedata.com” link_text=”Traffic Deaths by State | FindTheData”]

Eighty Degrees at Dawn

The last few neighbors find beds
quail under mom
skink on a rock
Sun through Joshua spikes lights fruit.
This is a jubilee year.
Dew on Desert Rose
drips past thorns and leaves
to moist roots locked in Caliche.
Mist made taller by the mirage
gently, slowly fades
’til petals apart reveal a melting heart.

Dark Money Chart

WayneSL 2012-10-06

Em                       C         G                         D
Variations on a       theme   ; waves on the        ocean

Em                                 C               G                    D
and the currents under_     neath; the   back field’s in    motion

Em                           C      G                                       D
as we try to live our     lives  , we’re bound in chains of      lies

Em                           C      G                                 D
We see each other’s     eyes  ; we hear each other’s     cries & sighs


Em                                 C         G
then from the cover the      shade

D                        Em  D
here comes that     dark money, a_     gain.

Em      G                                  Bm    C__D
Dark_  Money – eating up our      minds

Em      G                                    A     C__D
Dark_  Money – binds us to the     grind

Em      G                                                          Bm   C__D
Dark_  Money – hides the hand that holds the        key

Em      G                                           A     C__D
Dark_  Money – it’s choking you and       me.


Em                              C                    G                   D
in between our legs it     trickles, and it   tickles, and it    prickles

Em                                C                    G                         D
and soon it’s in our public hair and on our tongues, and in our lungs

Em                            C            G                           D
until a single sign re_    mains, a  fist thrust in the        air;

Em                                   C     G                               D   (Ch)
and it shakes in rage and     pain ;through rocket’s red     glare;




WayneSL 2013

to the decent people of this world who will never understand:

You don’t have this parasite

That wakes me in the deepest night

That gnaws at my peace and robs me of rest

Infecting me with a ravening quest

For round brown buttered buns & eggs

For bitter booze to be drunk to the dregs

For oysters alive with pearls to be teased

I eat ‘til I’m fat but my worm’s not appeased.

Although his one eye cannot see

The parasite forces visions on me

He hangs with his buddies, a couple of nuts

They force-feed me moonshine and make me a slut

He laughs and he jokes and I blush and I’m nervous

He’s even tricked the asshole next door into service.

His helmet head may have no brain,

But the parasite knows how to cause me great pain.

The harder I beat him, the harder his head

And I get no peace ‘til my parasite’s fed.


moon in clouds

Play the Adagio from Chopin’s Piano Concerto in F#m.

 WayneSL 2013

Why these tears, this ache in my throat?
How can a dawn I have so long yearned for
Find me not surprised yet unbelieving?
How can I, who have always been too hard
Too quick to batter down the gate
Stand now amid the rushing throng
And beg another moment to prepare?
Is it that I finally see
How dawn leads to day leads to dusk
And in this creeping twilight sense a rushing night?
Do I finally face the rise of a blackened moon
on a bone-white landscape?
A scene I never comprehended,
Yet now I must claim that dark moon as my own.
Mortality has grown taller while I slept
And now I fear to sleep again that I may not wake.
Sleep was my desire until I waked to you.
Knowing you has brought my mortality full before my face
Because you are the essence of life to me
So full and fine and fair
So dark and taut and true
So much older and younger than me
So much a mirror against which I press
Fearing shards of broken glass
Yet weeping to melt and meld with you
Dissolve with you in these flowing tears
I love you. I fear you.
I lust for you. I die in you.
I lie beneath your moist, green turf
And pray your roots to penetrate my skin
And suck me in
To a new life as your leaf.

Dead Calm

WayneSL 2012-06-22

Peace at Last.
Peace and Quiet.

None remains to challenge me
or disturb my reverie.
Even the hill on which I stand
dare not rise above my height.
I am Master of all that I survey
and I can see a smooth horizon
fitting earth to sky precisely
uniformly, according to My Will.
I have ground this planet
like a ball bearing
until it shines
as a dark mirror to my face.

Not even a crashing wave
can interrupt my dreadnought thoughts.
The oceans joined the blackened skies
evaporating before my iron wrath.
Unruly water, like the birds and beasts
and plants that wedged apart
the concrete steel and glass
that I had built.

They would not cooperate.
They would not take their places.
They would not do as they were told.
And it came down to me or them,
and now it’s down to me.
I dominate all I see.
I alone am free.
All that did not yield to me
I turned to ash.
bent their knees.

The piles of blackened bones are still
The neutrons even killed
the germs so there’s no smell.
In blessed silence now I stand
Victor of a perfect land
No tears or laughter have escaped my hand
No slightest movement flouting my command.
The only sound competing with my breath
is wind that howls through bones
charred black as death–

and I’m workin’ on that.