Happy HollowDaze

Magazine cover by Norman Rockwell: Public Domain (pre-1929)

Magazine cover by Norman Rockwell: Public Domain (pre-1929)


Not warm fuzzies, but something we may wish to remember
in this season of high expectations and harsh realities:


Dark Money

visual depiction of dark money

Dark$ ©2015 WayneSL

WayneSL 2012-10-06 (song lyric)

Variations on a theme
waves on the ocean
and the currents underneath
the back field’s in motion
as we try to live our lives
we’re bound in chains of lies
We see each other’s eyes
we hear each other’s cries & sighs

Then from the cover the shade
here comes that dark money, again.
Dark Money – eating up our minds
Dark Money – binds us to the grind
Dark Money – hides the hand that holds the key
Dark Money – it’s choking you and me.

In between our legs it trickles
and it tickles, and it prickles
and soon it’s in our public hair
and on our tongues, and in our lungs
until a single sign remains
a fist thrust in the air
and it shakes in rage and pain
through rocket’s red glare

Then from the cover the shade
here comes that dark money, again.
Dark Money – eating up our minds
Dark Money – binds us to the grind
Dark Money – hides the hand that holds the key
Dark Money – it’s choking you and me.



Premature Preemptive Destruction

Used by permission of http://www.forwallpaper.com/

Used by permission of http://www.forwallpaper.com/

My friend Martin Giles posted this:

A burglar breaks into a family home at 2AM and helps himself to a couple of mobile phones, an iPad and a wallet. Unfortunately, the seven year-old daughter is in the kitchen getting a glass of water at the time, and the burglar surprises her. She screams, waking the parents.
The burglar has a knife and pulls the girl in front of him, putting the knife to her throat as he makes for the door. Mum is already on the phone to the police (and luckily there’s a station two doors down), so armed officers are on their way within a few seconds, while the dad, with loaded pistol in his hand (it’s America) blocks the burglar’s exit.
The burglar is a desperate man however, and though he now has several armed men pointing guns at him, he’s got his trump card – the child. A human shield. The police officers arrive, and father and police don’t hesitate. They shoot the burglar, the bullets ripping through the child’s body first.
Everyone is sad that the girl is dead, but all agree that they are innocent of any wrong-doing. The burglar was using the child as a human shield, so it’s entirely his fault that the girl is now dead. No question. Little bastard.
But wait. Isn’t the point of a human shield that no person in their right mind would shoot through it? Perhaps it’s only in the movies where the snipers wait for a clear shot.

I responded:

Can’t like this Martin Giles, but you point out one of the deepest, most serious problems I see in human culture today: imbalance. The burglar was wrong. There was a need for action to curb his behavior in the moment, and also to discourage him and others from similar acts. However his use of the child limited the options available to the others.

The only quick way they could counter his bad behavior was to threaten or perpetrate violence which risked an innocent life. Instead of keeping a focus on the innocence at risk, they focused on the evil in progress, and escalated to destruction of an entirely higher scale. They fell into what I see as a common, (and perhaps increasingly so) error which costs many of us our very lives. I call it Premature Preemptive Destruction. It is like jumping off a cliff to avoid falling.  Almost all of us have experienced that alarming feeling at the edge, looking down and sensing that we may have an urge to jump, to “just get it over with,” and though we almost universally resist it successfully, it can often set our pulses racing, our hands shaking, and occasionally… precipitate disaster.

It is in those adrenaline-soaked moments that we must draw on a reserve of prior consideration, of preparation, to withstand the unwise, ineffective, course of expedience. It is at those times our race can end or continue, individually or quite possibly one day in an unnecessary world-wide disaster. I believe that our evolution to that capability, and our either overcoming it or falling to it, constitute a turning point in the story of life on this planet. Even if we do mature and survive as a race, I weep for those individuals whose lives are ended too soon, or severely diminished, by the haste of Premature Preemptive Destruction.

Laying down the hurts

just let go

just let go

I’m thinking about laying down the hurts I tend to carry around now.
I have found a few quotes that are helping me to form my thoughts on vengeance and forgiveness, in roughly chronologic order:

A man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green. (Francis Bacon, Essays)
Murder’s out of tune, And sweet revenge grows harsh.  (William Shakespeare, Othello)
An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.  (attributed to Mahatma Gandhi)
Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for it to kill your enemy. (Nelson Mandela)
The man who seeks revenge digs two graves. (Ken Kesey, Sometimes a Great Notion)
Retribution often means that we eventually do to ourselves what we have done unto others. (Eric Hoffer)
The best manner of avenging ourselves is by not resembling him who has injured us. (Jane Porter)

Stand Your Ground


OneRace, by WayneSL, 2012

song lyric by Wayne E. Slater-Lunsford, 2012

Down in Sanford better watch out where you’re walking,
buying Skittles and tea and Cell ‘phone talking,
’cause some Nazi may be stalking you,
to kill you just for Standing your Ground!

There’s a new wind that’s a- blowing
and the river of change is overflowing,
and the peoples’ power is a-growing,
‘cause we’re learning to stand our  ground!

Sister and brother let’s stand with each other;
together we can Stand Our Ground;

and we’ll rise up from despair,
meet our brothers and sisters from everywhere;
there’ll be room to spare when we learn to share;
and when we learn to Stand Our Ground.

Folks need more education,
and a lot less incarceration.
We don’t want a prison corporation nation,
and we’re gonna stand our ground.

The robber barons think that they have shown us
that we gotta work for them, because they own us
but we’re done with bendin’ over while they bone us
‘cause we’re learning to stand our ground.

Sister and brother let’s stand with each other
Together we can Stand Our Ground;

and we’ll rise up from despair, meet our
brothers and sisters from everywhere;
there’ll be room to spare when we learn to share;
and when we learn to Stand Our Ground.

Sister and brother let’s stand with each other
Together we can Stand Our Ground.

Sister and brother let’s stand with each other
together we can Stand Our Ground.



Turns Left


WayneSL  1990

 (to be read aloud- not for the eyes alone)

A tear of joy
a tear of heart
the tares of life
when leavers part
the part you knead
your needs depart
a life of leaves
and branches.

The branches fork
spread from a crotch
the dogwood bark
but bark peels off
peals of the thunder
nervous cough
the coffin creaks
and listens.

The creeks a flood
the flowers float
too light to fall
two lightnings bolt
lithe wood is rent
the rent comes due
the dew comes.

To do, to die
the die is cast
cast out the doubt
decide at last
the side of right
the right to wrong
the left won.

Freedom, Bound

moon in clouds

Play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata as you read this.

WayneSL to Bryan 1987

There is so little comfort in your life;
you have not spent your
on comfort.
Naked madness
howls in empty lots
on moonlit borders
of my thoughts of you
Your search continues
in exile.
Eating garbage and dandelions.
for years.
Sleeping in the bus depot
while the buses leave.

You, who hear the music
of plants and mountains-
who know the feel of wood in hand
and shovel sunk in dirt-
and see the patterns
of the stars
and molecules
You spend your time
amid the greasy peeling Formica,
among the moths and mosquitoes
on streetlamp peninsulas,
overlooking tar-river streets
or walking out along the strand
of the interstate ocean,
and harboring in
dusty over-used slum rooms
with too many coats of paint
unless you
sprout like a mushroom on some morning lawn,
awakened by dew settling
to sparkle on your
stubble-bearded face
or root through mountain forest floors
for grub
and stride across the desert.

Dark Money Chart

WayneSL 2012-10-06

Em                       C         G                         D
Variations on a       theme   ; waves on the        ocean

Em                                 C               G                    D
and the currents under_     neath; the   back field’s in    motion

Em                           C      G                                       D
as we try to live our     lives  , we’re bound in chains of      lies

Em                           C      G                                 D
We see each other’s     eyes  ; we hear each other’s     cries & sighs


Em                                 C         G
then from the cover the      shade

D                        Em  D
here comes that     dark money, a_     gain.

Em      G                                  Bm    C__D
Dark_  Money – eating up our      minds

Em      G                                    A     C__D
Dark_  Money – binds us to the     grind

Em      G                                                          Bm   C__D
Dark_  Money – hides the hand that holds the        key

Em      G                                           A     C__D
Dark_  Money – it’s choking you and       me.


Em                              C                    G                   D
in between our legs it     trickles, and it   tickles, and it    prickles

Em                                C                    G                         D
and soon it’s in our public hair and on our tongues, and in our lungs

Em                            C            G                           D
until a single sign re_    mains, a  fist thrust in the        air;

Em                                   C     G                               D   (Ch)
and it shakes in rage and     pain ;through rocket’s red     glare;



Dead Calm

WayneSL 2012-06-22

Peace at Last.
Peace and Quiet.

None remains to challenge me
or disturb my reverie.
Even the hill on which I stand
dare not rise above my height.
I am Master of all that I survey
and I can see a smooth horizon
fitting earth to sky precisely
uniformly, according to My Will.
I have ground this planet
like a ball bearing
until it shines
as a dark mirror to my face.

Not even a crashing wave
can interrupt my dreadnought thoughts.
The oceans joined the blackened skies
evaporating before my iron wrath.
Unruly water, like the birds and beasts
and plants that wedged apart
the concrete steel and glass
that I had built.

They would not cooperate.
They would not take their places.
They would not do as they were told.
And it came down to me or them,
and now it’s down to me.
I dominate all I see.
I alone am free.
All that did not yield to me
I turned to ash.
bent their knees.

The piles of blackened bones are still
The neutrons even killed
the germs so there’s no smell.
In blessed silence now I stand
Victor of a perfect land
No tears or laughter have escaped my hand
No slightest movement flouting my command.
The only sound competing with my breath
is wind that howls through bones
charred black as death–

and I’m workin’ on that.