Control your mind

Writing crippled human memories according to a book written a few years ago.
The printing press congealed a mix of languages into English.
Television is either  liberating, educating, and empowering us
or hypnotizing, anesthetizing and enslaving us… or all these things together.
The variance in our views arises mostly from where each of us finds ourselves within the mix of media.
The new hegemon is the Internet,
and the main flow therein (at least in terms of raw bandwidth) appears to be two-fold:

NetFlix uses a reincarnation of the centralized newspaper/radio/television broadcast model,
purveying predictable packets of preoccupation,
entertainment and possibly education as well, on-demand.
YouTube acts more as a clearing house– a nexus for the exchange of  audio/video content.
It actually does provide more direct interaction and a certain level of parity between users,
though of course, bribing the gatekeepers will always skew that parity in one’s favor.
I recently gave back my DVR and my VOIP phone,
so now maybe I can afford to have that WiFi implant installed in my brain stem.

Netflix, YouTube gobble up half of Internet traffic | Internet & Media – CNET News.

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