Dark Money Chart

WayneSL 2012-10-06

Em                       C         G                         D
Variations on a       theme   ; waves on the        ocean

Em                                 C               G                    D
and the currents under_     neath; the   back field’s in    motion

Em                           C      G                                       D
as we try to live our     lives  , we’re bound in chains of      lies

Em                           C      G                                 D
We see each other’s     eyes  ; we hear each other’s     cries & sighs


Em                                 C         G
then from the cover the      shade

D                        Em  D
here comes that     dark money, a_     gain.

Em      G                                  Bm    C__D
Dark_  Money – eating up our      minds

Em      G                                    A     C__D
Dark_  Money – binds us to the     grind

Em      G                                                          Bm   C__D
Dark_  Money – hides the hand that holds the        key

Em      G                                           A     C__D
Dark_  Money – it’s choking you and       me.


Em                              C                    G                   D
in between our legs it     trickles, and it   tickles, and it    prickles

Em                                C                    G                         D
and soon it’s in our public hair and on our tongues, and in our lungs

Em                            C            G                           D
until a single sign re_    mains, a  fist thrust in the        air;

Em                                   C     G                               D   (Ch)
and it shakes in rage and     pain ;through rocket’s red     glare;



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