Dr. O scrubs it out

WayneSL 2013

Blood spatters flake off
rub off
and wash away,
becoming brighter as they diffuse into the water and the sponge.
flowing with the mountain track dirt
leaving smears of chain ring grease behind.
But then there’s the gash.
Softened by the salty water
the scab loosens and parts of it wash away.
but fibers have formed
between the scab and the new flesh hoping to heal.
As Dr. O gently pulls off bits of the coagulated mock skin
the fibers stretch and snap
some without hurt
some with a twinge
and then it is time to finish with a sudden deft jerk
a flash of pain
and release

a few gentle dabs around the wound,
exposing raw, newborn skin to light and air.
and then where there is some dirt from the crash, scrub it out.
where infection has begun a colony, scrub it out.
peroxide foams out the villains
and a little of the flesh as well.

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