Waynesl 2013

I’m vertical
and trying to herd these cats
that are my thoughts and feelings

in a stampede of surly turtles

out the door and off to a job

I am learning to loathe.

I slept only a few hours
and don’t remember any dreams;

just a vision
through a cracked porcelain mask and a plate of glass
and another cracked porcelain mask

of my own crystal tears.

3 thoughts on “Speculum

  1. Nice images in a terribly depressing poem; my favorite comes from visualizing a “stampede of surly turtles.” Immense sadness conveyed thru the “porcelain mask” symbolism, neatly magnified by the bluntness of “a job/I am learning to loathe.” Yeah, it gets harder to “fake it till you make it” as one gets older, so this piece really spoke to me. Don’t suffer fools gladly, my good friend Wayne.

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