WayneSL 2013

We dance an uneven step through the seasons of our lives

And tiring or hurting we seek to rest and heal.

We beg a flat place to lie down

Or at least a branch on which to light
from which to hang

We quiet the storm with shrouds of gauze

And when our battle-weary spirits void our sleep

We seek surcease through the dulling of distractions

Anaesthetizing writhing thoughts
and turning off the senses

And in that peaceful web we lie
an easy prey for sullen silent death.


We need instead to aesthetize each other

wake each other out of the sodden, depressed stupor

the turgid smothering tar pit.

Sting my nose with spice and ice

my tongue with sweet vinegar

Pierce my ears with parallel open fifths

Dazzle my eyes with naked glowing buns

Shock my skin with waves of flame and frost

Resuscitate my wonder and lift my living

beyond this warm mud!