14-5-210-405 -118 by WayneSL

14-5-210-118by WayneSL (2015)

WayneSL 1988

Leaning forward Skijump Stance

jawset faces cutting wind

chromeplate eyes scan grey-brown haze.

Out of the mountains we ooze

in a rolling rush downhill

to coalesce in painted metal rivers

spreading on the shrouded valley floor.

Roaring rapids, chrome and glass

spray and steam and smoke.

Eddies swirl at on-and-off ramps

Rubber ripples shining wet

reflect the sun’s weak penetration

of the brown-cloud glare.

A barracuda’s darting dance

flaunting lane-change pirouettes

taunts the surly diesel rhinos

flouts majestic ocean liners,

manic minnows fawning in their wakes.

An open lane, a gush of gas

A carom off a gravel truck

slomo flight, wheels spinning airborne

graceful leap across the chainlink

a somersault & a half twist

Flying in formation

with a dozen spinning shards of shattered plastic

and windshield glass spraying like rock salt soaked in red.

The river curdles, standstill spreading from the snag

up and down the grid the grinding jam congeals.

Engines whirring idle, gnashing teeth, hot tar and radios.

The smoke begins to rise

and reeks of hair and gasoline and rubber soot

and I’ll be late again and likely lose my parking spot.


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