Best Quit Messing Up


BusyLife by WayneSL, 2014

WayneSL 1977~2012

Best Quit Messing Up, or the goin’ could get rough
Don’t you know the reason for the pain?
You know what causes it, but you do it just the same,
again and again, again and again

CH: It’s all right, we’re gonna make it
Don’t have to fake it__ any_ more.
It’s all right, ‘cause we’re learning__
the peace that we’re yearning for.

We bought a pie up in the sky
It turned to whipped cream in our eyes
We learned the magic math on which it all depends.
We wasted bread and breath on imaginary friends,
but now it ends__ the fable ends. (CH)

Down through the ages, class war rages.
The Martians mess up all the pages.
Don’t you see, they have us fighting over lies-
so busy we don’t see them right before our eyes
stealing our lives—our very lives! (CH, break > climax, 6/8)

CODA in 6/8:
We, the People, together, have all that we need.
We can see through the pain and the lies.
We have each other and love, & We don’t need greed.
In the dawn, we can see through new eyes. (CH in 6/8)