New Year’s Eve

Star streaming stars

StarFall by WayneSL

WayneSL 2012

The wheels of time grind fine
Unwinding in my mind
A long and looping line
Uneven yet unbroken
Adding moment to moment
Chance to circumstance

Uncounted streaming seconds fall
Flowing from a floating ball
And piling up they form a cone
An arrow pointing back up-stream
Climbing back the way they’ve come
Tempting me to think they mean…
Minds make meaning.
Memory melds moments into monuments.
Moments make
Off into oblivion
And never return.
One seems like another, yet
Each is unique.
If we swim back up the stream of time
And find a rhyme
It’s just a ripple
Standing, waving
At another of its kind.
You and I make circles
Intersecting in a pattern
That is not yet understood.
That is the essence of random
That I choose to see as good.