Turns Left


WayneSL  1990

 (to be read aloud- not for the eyes alone)

A tear of joy
a tear of heart
the tares of life
when leavers part
the part you knead
your needs depart
a life of leaves
and branches.

The branches fork
spread from a crotch
the dogwood bark
but bark peels off
peals of the thunder
nervous cough
the coffin creaks
and listens.

The creeks a flood
the flowers float
too light to fall
two lightnings bolt
lithe wood is rent
the rent comes due
the dew comes.

To do, to die
the die is cast
cast out the doubt
decide at last
the side of right
the right to wrong
the left won.

3 thoughts on “Turns Left

    • Thank you very much, Eric. I am just learning how all this works, and did not realize I had a reply capability until this minute. jI appreciate your notice and sharing, and I shall be taking ,more notice myself.

      • Hey Wayne. I am glad to spread the word on AV arts and artists as much as possible. If you ever want to use the AV Arts Blog as a platform to reach more people (just a few more, of course), just drop me a line.

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