WayneSL 2013

to the decent people of this world who will never understand:

You don’t have this parasite

That wakes me in the deepest night

That gnaws at my peace and robs me of rest

Infecting me with a ravening quest

For round brown buttered buns & eggs

For bitter booze to be drunk to the dregs

For oysters alive with pearls to be teased

I eat ‘til I’m fat but my worm’s not appeased.

Although his one eye cannot see

The parasite forces visions on me

He hangs with his buddies, a couple of nuts

They force-feed me moonshine and make me a slut

He laughs and he jokes and I blush and I’m nervous

He’s even tricked the asshole next door into service.

His helmet head may have no brain,

But the parasite knows how to cause me great pain.

The harder I beat him, the harder his head

And I get no peace ‘til my parasite’s fed.

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