Thursday, 2015/9/17 – The Executioner’s Song

Every battle needs a sound track.  We are killing the cancer that is trying to kill me. The second day in the abattoir, I didn’t do so well.  I felt claustrophobic, and like I was suffocating.  I had to get the mask taken off, and sit up for a couple of minutes.  It was a different linac, but the room was almost identical, and  the radiation cycle was the same, and I cannot blame the therapists or the atmosphere… but maybe the music.  I certainly don’t want to admit that I am a panicky light-weight, so I’ll blame the music. It was Nashville Commercial Country, and not horrible, but far from my preference.  OK, so we’ll blame the music. Friday, I requested Chopin’s first piano concerto (E-minor) and it went better… so I’m sticking with the music like a Big League pitcher doing his ritual dance on the mound.

Here’s my radiation playlist:

Every week day, I’ll be adding a song or two, with the newest one at the beginning of the playlist.

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