Thursday, 2015/10/22 – NO MORE CHEMO!!!!

I waited, and it’s not a hoax.  Dr. K called  today, and we talked a good long while.  He said that he is encouraged by my weight gain (14 lbs now since 10/14) and that the radiation is going well, and the team thinks it wiser not to pump any more poison into me.  I am going to get less nauseated sooner, and less tired, and less “chemo brain,” and it will be easier to stay fed and watered. I also won’t have to spend the nights of the 27th & 28th in LA!!!  Please ‘scuse me while I do my happy dance…. more later!

{BTW – the photo is of the re-usable plastic flatware that does not add to the metallic taste the chemo gives me, the way metal utensils can}

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