Monday, 2015/12/21 – poking and prodding, gagging and television

Today I went down to 4950 Sunset for my first checkup after the radiation was done. Charlotte came along for moral support, and I was very glad to have her with me. They poked and prodded, made me gag, and shoved that damned laryngoscope down my nose again. Next time, I am going to remind them to record it, so I can see what they see. The verdict was that there was no detectable sign of cancer. In 3 months, I’ll go back for another similar exam, and then at 6 months out I’ll have another, and also a PET scan. In the meantime, I forgot to get a blood test.

They didn’t order one, but I have questions that only a blood test is likely to answer. For one thing, I am not sure that my efforts at good nutrition are really working.   I’m getting 2800~3100 calories every day, but my weight hovers between 150~155, and I’d like to get back to 170~180. Also, the Leukopenia caused by the chemo means I have to be extremely careful about cuts and infections, and cannot get my flu shot. I really want to be able to relax a little, so if my lymphocyte counts are back up to healthy levels, it will ease my mind and my lifestyle.

Still, it was worth the drive, and the indignity and discomfort and pain of the examinations, to hear that they could not see any signs of cancer. It was also good to hear that for another 4~6 months, I can hope to regain more sense of taste, and possibly even function of my parotid (salivary) glands.

Now to continue healing and looking forward to my next follow-up on March 21st…..

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