Friday, 2016/04/15 – Better Batter

Time for an update on the weight builder shake I use to keep my calorie count up, hoping to gain – or at least not lose – weight. After some exhaustive online research, I have concluded that the best product for my purposes is Serious Mass, from Optimum Nutrition.  I have no connection with the company, save liking their products, but theirs is the ONLY line of protein powders I found which don’t contain appreciable amounts of heavy metals.  Most others have one or several heavy metals barely below the FDA limits, so I find this to be significant. In addition, the balance and quality of their ingredients is better than most, and they come highly recommended even by GNC, who sell their own competing product. If buying it at GNC, be sure to mention their price matching program, because it will save you a LOT of money. In addition to other food, I drink half a serving (16 oz.) of the shake with an oz. of wheat dextrin, and an ounce of coconut oil, twice a day.  That gives me 2300 calories, which is my maintenance level.  With a little other food, that assures me of having enough calories that if my body is willing, it can bulk up. The NIH has a handy calculator at so you can find out how many calories you need.

  I have streamlined my method for mixing the weight builder shake. I learned how to avoid entraining air into the mix, so it does not need foam removed, and I learned that crushing the pills was a bad idea both labor-wise and nutritionally. Now I use just three pieces of kitchenware, vs the dozen or so I used to use. This slide show gives my new procedure:

If you want to learn about my early struggle with weight loss, and see what I did for the first several months of using the weight builder shake,


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