Thursday, 2016/05/12 – Throw Back the Lemons

I’m going to start connecting some of my posts here to posts on my main literary site,   Last summer, before I knew I had cancer, I had just begun writing up the preposterous story of how I had broken my collarbone on a bike trail, some 20 years before.  When I learned about the cancer, I thought to perhaps tell that tale as an expression of how hard I would fight to beat the cancer. Good intentions and flying pigs. Overcome by events, I let the story languish on my hard drive.  I just finished a story of surviving a dicey time flying, which happened clear back about 1978, and realize that it does relate to my current struggle, as does the mountain bike story, so I’m going to try writing Throwback Thursday tomes, some of which may be interesting asides to Attack of the Zombie Tonsil.

None of us knows when we will go, or how.  We do know we will.  Life always ends in death.  Mystical ideas aside, most of what happens between our birth and death is out of our control and uncertain until it has already come to pass.  If we are wise, we plan for both the best and worst chance, and hope to nudge fate toward what we prefer.

The first memoir on my literary site that I connected to ZombieLand was Rose Colored Reason, about the logic of faith.  The one I will offer today touches on faith, and planning, and taking life’s lemons and making lemonade:

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